Sight Unseen

Confessions of a Tea leaf Reader

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In Sight Unseen, I’ve explored the idea of psychic sight, the ability to see around corners to glimpse the future to find yourself somewhere familiar when you’ve never been there before.

Is that unusual? Paranormal?

Yes, and yet… Many of us have that experience. We know something before, we see someone after they’ve died. It’s tangentially part of the human experience. I would argue that psychic sight is part of the human genome, stronger in some than others, but there in it’s potential for all of us.

Part of Marlene’s story explores  the question of what do you owe that potential. What can you give it in fairness? And how much do you trust it? How far ahead into the future do you dare live? What does that cost?

It also explores another question. Sight is not a free gift.No gift of any kind really is. We can be given a gift but unless we choose carefully how we use and nurture it, it will turn on us or evaporate.  Sight  demands honesty, responsibility, and kindness. But it costs, even used in its best form. Anytime we know the future, we lose the cushion that ignorance creates for us. The cushion of shock is replaced with early mourning for things not  gone yet. And the delight of surprise it replaced by the worrying wait for something you know is coming. Either way, the world is harsher for fore-knowledge. Knowing ahead is not always kind or helpful. But the real question is who do you tell. And how much do you tell them?

Being able to do something doesn’t mean you should or you shouldn’t. It’s a demand that you thoughtfully choose what you can live with and what is kindest for those around you.

It’s easy to say that someone who has the future can see the truth. But that’s not always how it works. Sometimes what you see is fear or desire. Neither of those should be pushed out of proportion. Quivering truth is a rotten bed partner.  A good servant. A rotten master. And a carefully approached ideal. Best tempered with real care and concern for everyone involved.