The Gift of Pain: How does the Psychic Heal Us?

Healing is the province of a psychic. The psychic world is where we transform our experiences and retell our stories. It’s in the retelling that we change our perspective. It’s in the transformation that we let the experience change us.

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by pain and injury. What I have to say about it is simply personal. I can’t possibly speak for someone else. If you are offended, please forgive this as one woman’s experience.

Years ago, I had a migraine that did not go away for about fifteen years. It started as an evil intruder. Eventually, it became an unwelcome edition of my life.  It upgraded or downgraded (I’m not sure which) into background noise.

In that process, it pushed me to live my life differently. To give up alcohol, chocolate and many foods. To address personal childhood pain. To mask the pain in the process of art. The intruding awful pain eventually taught me to be an artist.

I don’t know that this is everyone’s experience. It was mine. Gifted is about that. Gifted is up for you to read it on the site, right now.

Oddly enough, with this written, I’m recovering from knee surgery. So again, I have a pain that must be lived through rather than relieved.  I don’t know how that will shake out, but I have a chance to be able to walk.

I hope your pain contains gifts you don’t expect. I hope my pain is a good teacher for me. I hope to turn after a while and find I barely remember the pain, but I am grateful for the gifts it brings.

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