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Confessions of a Tea leaf Reader

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Psychic Vs. Reader

the inverted cup

You may notice that a number of Marlene’s stories don’t start with a reading. Her job is to read people’s future and past, to help them make peace with themselves.

But past her job, she is a psychic. Which means she has an awareness that not everyone has. And she ends up seeing the source or situations of problems that other people are vaguely aware of but not able to see clearly or completely. A psychic is on a wider band wave. They see things before they happen or while other are unaware.

What does that do? What can Marlene do with that information?

Sometimes it leads her to a place where she can investigate really what is happening and affect the spiritual issues that control these situations. Marlene perceives ghosts, which means she can help them resolve their pain, their fear, their anger that leaves them trapped on this plain and lends them to interfering in the lives of the living.

She also can see spiritual entities that aren’t ghosts. ┬áThe Psychic plain is full of entities that were never human. Some good. Some bad. But often very able to effect things happening within the everyday world.

So there are times people come to Marlene for the future and she reads for them. But just as often they come to her aware something is wrong and let her find the roots of it.

So being a reader is not the end of what Marlene does. She’s a psychic. And as she says in the books, she could ignore other people’s problems if she didn’t feel them like someone else’s toothache.

Is it wise? Is her intervention the best thing for her to do? That is a huge question through all these stories. When do really help someone we’re helping? When is that an unwanted or unwise intrusion?

What would you see if you could see the world behind the world? What would you do? Share Marlene’s journey as people come to her for help and as she stares into the psychic heart of what has broken through their reality to show them something wrong.