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on October 1, 2017
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As a fan of Ellen’s art books, I was most curious to read her foray into fiction. This book, a fictionalized version of events in her younger years, held my interest, as I could never guess what was coming next. The dialogue, on point, is what carries the book, bringing the action alive, and helping us get to know about, and care about the characters. The forces of good and evil create a tension in the narrative, as Mirelle begins to gets more involved in events that have no explanation. It has an overlay of magical realism, not unlike Ellen’s art. I am looking forward to the next two books in this promising trilogy.
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on October 13, 2017
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These tales beg one to wonder, is truth stranger than fiction? Well told tales of a lass who is in wonder from a sane place in life, wishing for fairness and truth to win out. Every chapter a new mesmerizing account of the unaccountable. Look forward to more reads.
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on October 6, 2017
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I downloaded this to my iPad and began to read Ellen Anne Eddy’s stories. Each story draws the reader in and touches on something almost personal. I spent a night reading instead of sleeping and was glad to do it. It was almost as if she knew me and what kinds of tales I like to read! She is a very gifted author.
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on October 23, 2017
I started reading this book and couldn’t stop!!! It is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who has a problem with staying awake. This will keep you awake. You won’t be able to put it down and won’t be able to go to sleep until you have finished it. I told myself over and over “It’s getting late. I’ll just finish this story” but just couldn’t stop reading until it was finished. How could one woman be so creative as to be both a celebrated art quilter and accomplished writer also. I heartily recommend this book and can’t wait to read her next one. Ellen Anne, I just wish you could write as fast as I can read so I wouldn’t have to wait between books. Or maybe it’s just as well you can’t. A girl has to sleep sometimes!!!!
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