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Confessions of a Tea leaf Reader

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Reading Tea Cups

reader-cup-explainationMarlene’s gift as a psychic ranges into several kinds of reader abilities. But primarily, she’s a tea leaf reader.
Tea leaves are one of the many focuses used by psychics to help them see the future. There are many excellent books about tea leaf reading, so I will not offer a guide on tea leaf reading. Nor do I personally find prediction helpful for myself or for others. Lately I’m much happier living with the assistance of shock and awe, those emotional buffers that come to us in response to not knowing what will happen next.
But since so many of these stories focus on Marlene’s predictions, it seemed useful to show you, the reader, what she might be seeing. So each story comes with its own tea cup.
This is the cup for the story, Reader. When Rita reads for Marlene, Rita gives her a glimpse of what her life as a reader will be like. The symbols Rita sees are an owl, a mermaid, an R and an E, a mouse,an eye, and a parrot. All of these images are true to what happens later. The letters are names that have those letters in them. When there’s a number it means within one day, one hour, one week, one year. That sounds very unhelpful unless you view it as a marking rather than a measure of time.
But reading is completely idiosyncratic. Every reader sees things differently. A bird in your cup might mean something quite different in someone else’s. Here are some cups from Marlene’s Tales of the Tea Room.


If you’d like to have a taste of the Tea Room Tales before they’re ready for print, I have two stories up on the site. What the Parrot said, and A Woman’s Place are up on site for you to read for free right now. Leave me a note and let me know what you think.