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Grave Matters


Welcome to Sight Unseen: The Tea Room Tales

These are the stories of Marlene,  a young woman who enters the psychic community in as a tea leaf reader. The Boston community is full of every kind of visionary and seer from most refined palmists to Voodoo Practitioners, to openly acknowledged witches to people who have simply refined the art of the hunch.  As she cares for her clients and grows in her ability as a psychic she finds herself in the heart of the whirlwind, facing good, evil and the space between the two. These are her stories.

Sight Unseen: Book One-Tea Room Tales

Just a job. Right?

When Marlene, finds a job in a tea room, she realizes that being a psychic doesn’t just mean telling fortunes and entertaining at parties. She’s thrown headlong into a world of Voodoo practitioners,witches, the FBI,  demons, Indian elementals, and psychic predators, never mind the ghosts who come to her looking for help. Sink or swim she has to master her psychic gift to survive.


Sight Unseen: Book Two-The Inverted Cup

Psychic at Large!

As Marlene’s reputation grows, she takes on more clients and more responsibility to the psychic community as well as to the people she cares for. She battles time warps, psychic cannibals, demons, fake psychics and real witches to keep her clients and community safe. But can she choose the right path, to keep from being destroyed herself? Coming soon!



Sight Unseen: Book Three- The World in Reflection

As central leader of Boston’s psychic community, Marlene begins to question her place,  as she fights demons  KKK, and dark forces to protect those she loves. Past decisions haunt her. Demons stalk her. Can she change her past or future to find her way?

Coming Soon!





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