Tea Room Tales is up on Amazon!

Tea Room Tales is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon!

tea room tales wAfter years of writing how-tos and art statements, I’ve written a collection of stories just for fun.

Meet Marlene, a normal college girl who’s about to land in the world of psychic readers. After finding no college job anywhere, Marlene starts reading in a psychic tea room as a tea leaf reader where she meets other psychics, voodoo practitioners, witches, and other clairvoyants. Marlene must master her own gift to help her clients and survive¬†herself.

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Past the add, this is the work of three years. The stories are fiction, but there is some biography in there. I’ll leave you to guess where. ¬†They’re the tales I couldn’t tell teaching quilting. I wrote them for me, but I wrote them for you, too.