What Scares You?

We all have a list of things that frighten us. But it’s not the same list. I can wade through bugs and don’t scream at mice or rats but for heaven’s sake don’t put a snake in the room. Why? My parents repeatedly read Kipling’s  Ricki Ticki Tavy. I’m still looking for the cobra in the bathroom. I probably will be until I die. It’s all about your history.

The paranormal scares a lot of people. I’m not sure it all should, but should has nothing to do with how we feel. I also know full well that a garter snake is not a cobra, but I’m scared of them both. Fear is just plain hotwired. What we are afraid of seems to be too.

But being scared fascinates us. They did an interesting unintended experiment in Russia in the twenties. They banned fairy tales. They promptly had a group of children who were unbalanced and unable to cope with all kinds of issues. And fairy tales are truly scary.

But perhaps the scariest thing for all of us is our kids. They are their own people, and yet scarily, a mirror of ourselves. I’ve never had my own children, but I’ve had a bevvy of children who became mine in some small way. So in the effort of really scary, I’m offering you an early read of Eyes Under the Bed. See how scary Halloween can be.




Just People: Only Dead

princess in the towerI have no idea what really happens when we die. Having not died, I just can’t say with any certainty. Religion aside, no one else can either.

But my experience with ghosts indicates to me that they’re just people. Sometimes confused, sometimes lost, sometimes angry about situations and circumstances that were unfair or unjust.

I’ve not found that Uncle Joe dead is wiser than Uncle Joe was when he was alive. I don’t believe in asking the dead for advice or counsel or even what happened.



I have found they need to find their own solutions and answers. Which means the living don’t have much to offer them. Except the ability to listen. To care. To be a witness to their life and the truth about their death.

The Princess in the Tower is a story about a woman whose life was denied up until her death. It’s up on the site now, for you to read as a Halloween story about how life needs to be witnessed, and confirmed by others.  You’ll also find it in Tea Room Tales.

Come to Our Book Signing!

don and nellDon and I will be at a book signing at Knox College in Galesburg, IL at the Ford Center for the Fine Arts, 2 E South St, Galesburg, IL 61401Kresge Lobby, from 11:AM to 12:PM on Saturday, October 28th!

cover 1 final

Don will have his book, With Patience Wait

tea room tales w

Tea Room Tales

I will have Tea Room Tales.

Both available to have signed and to purchase.
Please come and join us! Drinks at the Gizmo, afterward.

Boo! What was that? Ghost ID.

buster brown shoesI am guilty. I’m guilty of Edumacation. I’ve written stories about some things I find real and I’ve set out to educate people in their entertainment.

Why would I do such a sneaky thing?

Because I’m fed up with people who treat the paranormal as an entertaining place to tell people nonsense. If it were sitcom I would feel less stress about it. For one thing, I never watch sitcom, so I wouldn’t know. I don’t watch much reality tv either, but what I do distresses me. It has some of the same qualities as a Road Runner cartoon. It encourages people to do things that are dangerous and dumb.

With that in mind, some of my stories are pretty blunt about what is dangerous and dumb and why.

Grave Matters  (in Tea Room Tales) is a walk through a historic graveyard, where Marlene is talking to the ghosts and her friend is taking measurements and trying to get scientific proof. As someone who sees ghosts, I’ve always found that silly. My apologies if that shows. I don’t believe in scientific proof very much, but I firmly believe in ghosts.

But there are different classes of apparitions, and it’s worth knowing what you’re looking at. There’s a lot of argument about this, and I am unwilling to join into the fray. Instead, let’s just say this is simply my experience.

  • Images of dead people that seem caught in time. They do not respond to anything here and now.
  • Interactive ghosts who will talk to you.
  • Spirits that are demonic either separately or connected with a ghost.
  • Warning spirits

I’ve written about all of these kinds of apparitions, largely because I believe knowledge is power, and a good story starts with some truth. Mostly the ghosts I’ve known were confused people, no different than you or I. The Liberation of the Loo is a story about that. They’re just people. Like everyone else, they’re charming, frightened, weird, in need of help and often grateful.

Apparitions who are just an image are quite harmless. I think of them as if they had a moment of time caught on film. It replays over and over. I don’t believe anyone is there. It’s just an image in time.

Ghosts on a mission frighten me more. Sometimes harmless. Sometimes not. If you wouldn’t want to hear it from a street person in an alley, you don’t want to hear what they’re saying. Ignore them and get out of there.

How do I expect people to use that information? I really don’t. Except perhaps to figure out that talking to a demon is about like being a Road Runner reenactor. There’s no future in it.

You can read both Liberation of the Loo and Grave Matters on this site for free, now.

Tea Room Tales features both these stories and is available at Amazon.com.



Some Times a Cigar…The Silly Shit Story

When I started writing these stories, I decided to add a class of story that’s part of every psychic’s experience: the silly shit story.

It’s not like they’re an invention. They really happen. Someone comes in and tells you something that really has to be silly shit. Except that sometimes it isn’t. It sounds like it couldn’t have happened but I would have to take my socks off to count to the times it really was true in that person’s viewpoint.

I’ve always taken great joy in those moments when you find out what went bump in the night was really the cat. Much simpler. You can even go back to sleep.

So I’ve put some of those moments in my book, Tea Room Tales, as well.

Cosmic Lift Off is about a boy convinced he saw a ufo. The tea room I was at actually had a reporting station for ufo siting. I’ll make no comments of belief about this. To my knowledge, we never got a report, but we did have an air force officer who stopped in monthly to see if we had gotten a report. This story is spun from there. Did it really happen? Pretty close, actually.

You’ll find Cosmic Lift Off up on the story page available for you to read for free! If you like it.

Tea Room Tales is up on Amazon, available in Kindle and paper.

Ghost Stories Just for Halloween

grave mattersDo you like a great ghost story? Need to have those shivers every so often? I have three ghost stories selected from my Sight Unseen series. You can read Grave Matters, The Liberation of the Loo, and Margaret and the Priest now for free!

These stories were based on some true things that happened and then, like all good stories, were embroidered a bit. Guess which parts are true and which parts are embroidery. If you guess right, I’ll tell the truth.



tea room tales w

Tea Room Tales

Read Margaret and the Priests, The Liberation of the Loo and Grave Matters for free. And if you like those you’ll find Tea Room Tales already available at Amazon.com.