What Scares You?

We all have a list of things that frighten us. But it’s not the same list. I can wade through bugs and don’t scream at mice or rats but for heaven’s sake don’t put a snake in the room. Why? My parents repeatedly read Kipling’s  Ricki Ticki Tavy. I’m still looking for the cobra in the bathroom. I probably will be until I die. It’s all about your history.

The paranormal scares a lot of people. I’m not sure it all should, but should has nothing to do with how we feel. I also know full well that a garter snake is not a cobra, but I’m scared of them both. Fear is just plain hotwired. What we are afraid of seems to be too.

But being scared fascinates us. They did an interesting unintended experiment in Russia in the twenties. They banned fairy tales. They promptly had a group of children who were unbalanced and unable to cope with all kinds of issues. And fairy tales are truly scary.

But perhaps the scariest thing for all of us is our kids. They are their own people, and yet scarily, a mirror of ourselves. I’ve never had my own children, but I’ve had a bevvy of children who became mine in some small way. So in the effort of really scary, I’m offering you an early read of Eyes Under the Bed. See how scary Halloween can be.




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