Just People: Only Dead

princess in the towerI have no idea what really happens when we die. Having not died, I just can’t say with any certainty. Religion aside, no one else can either.

But my experience with ghosts indicates to me that they’re just people. Sometimes confused, sometimes lost, sometimes angry about situations and circumstances that were unfair or unjust.

I’ve not found that Uncle Joe dead is wiser than Uncle Joe was when he was alive. I don’t believe in asking the dead for advice or counsel or even what happened.



I have found they need to find their own solutions and answers. Which means the living don’t have much to offer them. Except the ability to listen. To care. To be a witness to their life and the truth about their death.

The Princess in the Tower is a story about a woman whose life was denied up until her death. It’s up on the site now, for you to read as a Halloween story about how life needs to be witnessed, and confirmed by others.  You’ll also find it in Tea Room Tales.


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