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Psychics and Ghosts

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In the Sight Unseen books, Marlene deals with a number of ghosts. They kind of become a specialty of hers. Why are psychics plagued with ghosts?

Imagine a world where no one can hear you or speak with you. Imagine how it feels to be in pain, frightened, abandoned and alone. What would you do to get anyone’s  attention? How desperate might you feel? Then imagine you can find someone finally who can hear you, see you, and speak to you.

You don’t have to be psychic to experience ghosts. But most psychics I know do. Perhaps it’s because the walls between the dead and the living are just thinner for psychics. I think it’s because they can see or hear ghosts and the ghosts need to be seen and heard.

For myself, I’ve always experienced ghosts. But that’s not a bad thing. My experience of ghosts is that they’re just people for one reason or another who haven’t been able to move on. Usually it’s because of an injustice or because they’ve felt unworthy, or because they’ve been afraid. Or because they’ve felt massively unloved. Or  because they really don’t know they’re dead. The problems of the dead look very much like the problems of the living. I think it’s very hard to walk towards the good of the next world without resolving the problems we’ve had here. Mostly someone who understands and doesn’t judge can be a huge help to someone stuck between here and there.

Marlene’s job with ghosts is to listen, to respond with kindness, and to help them move on. She does that in many ways, mostly when the ghosts have become unsettling to the people living in their space.

There are also ghosts connected with something evil and that takes a whole different approach. My response to that is through my Christian faith, but I understand there are other ways of looking at it. And since Marlene is my character, so, eventually is hers.

Marlene also deals with demons because they are part of the psychic world. In her case, she makes a bad bargain and has to find her way out of that. It’s resolved over the three Sight Unseen books, but it takes some direct choices on her part. In my experience most psychics have to choose what they believe and have to stand strong in it. If you stand for nothing, then there’s nothing you can do.

These stories are all fiction, but they reflect the ghosts I’ve dealt with over the years. If it doesn’t match your experience or theology, don’t be offended. Remember it’s just a story.


Author: ellenanneeddy

Fiber artist, teacher, writer, story teller and manager of large dogs and larger cats. Author of Thread Magic: The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy. Thread Magic Garden, The Town of Torper and the Very Vulgar Day Lily and other books, available on Amazon. I've recently married Don Bowers and set up my studio with him in Galesburg.IL where we both went to school at Knox College.

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