Sight Unseen

Confessions of a Tea leaf Reader

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How do you deal with a psychic parrot? And how do you explain it to your clientele? Methuselah the parrot escapes and tells everyone the secrets no one is supposed to know.

Unfortunately. he hears what people think and says it exactly in their voice. Can Marlene get him under control before the tea room closes in a shambles? A short story from the Sight Unseen Collection: Tales from the Tea Room.

From Beth Stewart-Ozark on Stories

What a lovely story! It kept my attention from the first sentence to the ending. Of course, Methuselah would have…

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What the Parrot Said is currently available on Amazon,com. Get your Kindle copy today!


Author: ellenanneeddy

Fiber artist, teacher, writer, story teller and manager of large dogs and larger cats. Author of Thread Magic: The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy. Thread Magic Garden, The Town of Torper and the Very Vulgar Day Lily and other books, available on Amazon. I've recently married Don Bowers and set up my studio with him in Galesburg.IL where we both went to school at Knox College.

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