Sight Unseen

Confessions of a Tea leaf Reader

The Journey: History, Fact and Fiction

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storyteller-colored-cupYears ago, my good friend Lauren Strach began to insist that I write my memoirs. I was teaching quilting on the road at the time. When you’re teaching, there are somethings you just can’t say. Too scary. Too separating. Too much for someone who’s come into your classroom to learn free motion. It’s not kind. You are there to teach, not tell.

We all have a private life. A place where we can’t tell all the secrets. I believe that is a good thing in simple society. Facebook has made us want to know way too much about each other’s lunch, health, political opinions, sorrows, and secrets. We are all hanging out in the open.

But I have had some amazing journeys in my life, and my experiences in the tea room were part of that.I don’t believe me unique as a psychic. Instead, I see it as a part of the human genome that we all share. My personal belief is that it opens up in fear and pain for our protection, and should naturally shut down otherwise, like your eye does, for rest and for cleansing. I hand it to God and I leave it at that.

But I learned so much at the tea room. Not about being psychic particularly, but about living in a world where people were not like me. And the stories, sanitized for our protection, are a whole lot of fun.

I have a history in this. Within the confines of history, I have played loosely with fact because it is fiction.

So I am going to, in these blogs, share this odd journey, I took thirty years ago. I intend to talk a bit about what the stories mean to me, as I post them. I am not inviting your criticism, religious advice or help. Nor am I offering any of that to any of you. My belief in a personal God. I believe we are all met by God on that road, and no one else can lead us but Him. If you worry for my soul, say a prayer and I will pray for you as well. If you decide to breach this arrangement I will be praying for you anyway. But I am willing to follow God where He takes me, and I trust you are willing to trust that.

I don’t intend to tell anyone’s secrets. I will never read again because I consider it massively unhelpful. There are two great gifts given by not knowing the future: the cushion of shock against pain, and the joy of surprise. I won’t rob anyone of either of those.

If you are willing to take bits of this journey with me, I’ll be posting it here, and you’ll find it in my book, Sight Unseen.  Or check out the stories posted  free for you to read online.The first book is Tea Room Tales, and we hope to have that out on Amazon soon.

Sight Unseen is fiction. Never meant to be anything else. I wrote stories that are clearly fantasy in most regards. For those of you looking for a manual as a reader, or for tips and clues, you’ll need something else. Don’t ask me.



Author: ellenanneeddy

Fiber artist, teacher, writer, story teller and manager of large dogs and larger cats. Author of Thread Magic: The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy. Thread Magic Garden, The Town of Torper and the Very Vulgar Day Lily and other books, available on Amazon. I've recently married Don Bowers and set up my studio with him in Galesburg.IL where we both went to school at Knox College.

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